Parth Pawar
Multidisciplinary designer


Creative Director

In December 2019, I got involved in VishwaConclave as a Creative Director. The event inspired me to stand out, and the ideologies by conducting inspiring speaker moderated sessions on which the event was based interested me in joining. I was inspired by the insightful speaker who moderated sessions during the VishwaConclave events, and I wanted to collaborate with the highly driven and meticulous team to learn from them. I had initially joined as a Junior Designer, but over the period of 3 years, my responsibilities expanded to being in charge of Marketing, Social Media, Aesthetics, Design, and Website. It turned out to be a very successful event conducted post-Covid. VishwaConclave is amongst India's first truly multidisciplinary student-centric conferences organized by the students of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. Vishwaconclave emphasizes curating an inspirational dialogue from exemplary orators who have excelled in domains centered on nation-building, along with facilitating their interaction with the student community.

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